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International Vilnius book fair

The largest book fair in the Baltic States, which has been taking place since 2000. Each February it welcomes tens of thousands of book lovers, writers, and publishers over four days of literary events.

Periodic events and other initiatives

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The largest book fair in the Baltic States, which has been taking place since 2000. Each February it welcomes tens of thousands of book lovers, writers, and publishers over four days of literary events.


Association which initiates and carries out cultural projects such as Literatūrinės slinktys, Vilniaus sekretai, and promotes and publishes artists and their work.

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Literary Sprint

A series of Lithuanian Writers’ Union open mic events organized annually since 2019. There is no restriction in genre in these events.

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The Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore events

Conferences, literary readings, book presentations, awards, The Most Creative Book selections.

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Pranas Mašiotas‘ readings

Scientific-practical literary seminar on children’s literature organized by IBBY Lithuania and the Children’s and Youth Literature Department of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania.

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Morning readings at the Children's and Youth Literature Department of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania

An event for 5-8 years old children during which readings, conversations, book discussions, and fairy-tale creations take place.

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The Lithuanian Writers‘ Union events

The Lithuanian Writers’ Union carries out a number of literary projects and introduces readers to contemporary and classic Lithuanian literature, as well as to professional artists from various fields.

Creative workshops “Writing as healing“. 

Conversation series about authors who lived in or wrote about Vilnius “Writers of Vilnius.” 

Interview series “Viršukalnės ir buitis“. 

Book presentations by LWU authors. 

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Books‘ Square

A pavilion consisting of Lithuanian publishers’ publications, literary events, and book presentations for both children and adults, which takes place during the Vilnius City Fiesta. The pavilion has been running since 2020.

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Regular literary events at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania

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Book + movie

An event which combines literature and cinema. During the event, selected novels or novellas with a potential of becoming film adaptations are presented.

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Children's Literature Week

Meetings with contemporary children’s literature authors and illustrators. The event is organized by Children’s Land and IBBY Lithuania for the occasion of the International Children’s Book Day,

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IBBY Lithuania conversations about children‘s literature

A series of events where issues and news regarding the world of children’s literature are presented, analyzed, and discussed.


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Children’s Book Island

Literature festival for children and youth. Each year, the festival has a theme reflected in the design, scenography, and decorations. The underlying theme of the activities is the love for children’s literature.

Each year, “Paviljonas” Book Weekend invites various art, literature, and Humanities publishers as well as literature lovers for a marathon of cosy conversations about books.

An annual international poetry festival organized by the Lithuanian Writers’ Union and the Writers’ Club. During the festival, Lithuanian and foreign poets read their texts, and various actors, singers, musicians, and painters participate as well.

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Vilnius Pages

An international literary festival which brings together well-known Lithuanian and international writers and their readers for an open dialogue in various places of Vilnius.

An international literary festival which seeks works of potential merit and provides readers with opportunities of meeting their beloved authors and discovering new ones.

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Druskininkai Poetic Fall

An international poetry festival that has been running for more than thirty years in Druskininkai. The opening ceremony and the presentation of the almanac, as well as the readings of the laureates and guests take place in Vilnius.

Designated summer reading locations and other events

Designated summer reading locations at The Bernardine Garden and Vilnius Tech Park.

During the months of June-October, the Central Library of Vilnius organizes reading sites at Vilnius Tech Park and the Bernardine Garden. The latter also hosts literary events during the summer.

Poetry evenings on the terrace of the MO Museum that host both well-known and new authors.

Vilnius reads: reading sites and events

A beloved summer reading site amongst Vilnius residents and its visitors: #Vilnius reads. This reading location welcomes its readers from June to mid-September and invites them to various literary events that take place on Wednesday evenings.

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Literary conversations, discussions, and book presentations at the newly opened exhibition space “Istorijų namai“.

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